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3 Popular YouTube Content Creators Who Play High-Roller Poker

3 Popular YouTube Content Creators Who Play High-Roller Poker

Although we have numerous YouTube subscriptions and believe we know our social media idols, they can surprise us with completely unexpected skills. Poker battles are surely one such hobby, as more and more creators tend to find this legendary card game fascinating. With that in mind, in this article, we are going to shed some light on famous YouTube personalities who know a thing or two about high-roller poker. MrBeast

If you have been living under a rock for the past several years, MrBeast is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the world. It belongs to a fairly down-to-earth guy named Jimmy Donaldson, who has managed to reach over 96 million subscribers on the video hosting platform. From counting up to 100 000 in one video to replicating Hollywood-quality sets for his insane challenges – Jimmy has shown the world that your true passion can lead you to enormous success and financial stability.

But who would have thought that MrBeast loves poker sessions? This chill guy does not seem like some serious poker player, but in reality, he is considered quite an experienced high roller in the YouTube community. Jimmy has been in numerous battles against other content creators with buy-in varying between $50-$100 000. One may assume that such costs are too much for the amateur player, but this is not the case. MrBeast puts $1-4 million into each of his new videos, so these poker challenges do not hurt his overall bankroll at all. penquinz0

This YouTube creator became popular not only for his advanced gaming skills but also for his overall calm demeanor. Unlike MrBeast, Charlie, who has over 10 million subscribers, puts nothing into his videos other than his sarcastic humor and fascinating vocabulary. And yet, it has not stopped him from becoming a popular Twitch streamer and one of the most beloved personalities on YouTube.

Although Charlie seems to be a rather calm and humorous dude in his videos, he is really a furious competitor when it comes to anything, including gambling. When MrBeast invited him to play in a $100 000 buy-in […]

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