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Asian Poker Tour Starts a New Development Stage

Asian Poker Tour Starts a New Development Stage

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is the leading poker tournament organization, which offers poker experiences around the region. However, recently, the company has announced a new stage of development in the industry. After 12 years, the ownership passes from Asian Poker Tour Limited to Asianlogic Group Company. Find more news on the GBC Time website . Despite the popularity of online entertainment, live poker events are still very popular among players. And APT is one of the most famous live poker brands in Asia, which was founded in 2008. Since that time, the organization has constantly been growing in the industry. However, considering the APT announcement, the further expansion in the region requires some changes. That is why it was decided to pass the ownership to another leading company.

Jeff Mann, APT chief executive officer, will also leave his position after more than 10 years of working. However, it seems like Mann is still worried about the brand. He will stay on the company’s team as the main consultant. According to the analysts, it will provide a more painless transition. APT also keeps other team members to provide even more qualified poker tournaments.

APT is planning to start another event the next week. The players will be able to participate at APT Vietnam Hanoi Loyal from June 7 to June 19.

Michael Soyza, a partner at APT Events Private Limited, is sure that the APT Event is ready for a new level in the poker industry. According to Soyza, the main key to the company’s development is partnerships and collaborations. They will provide a more open view of the market and new opportunities.

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