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Dan 'Jungleman' Cates calls Phil Hellmuth Out over Ultimate Bet Scandal Involvement

Dan 'Jungleman' Cates calls Phil Hellmuth Out over Ultimate Bet Scandal Involvement

As the cheating hysteria of the past week reaches levels not seen since pre-Black Friday days, Jungleman Dan Cates has harked back to those dark days by calling out Phil Hellmuth for his role in the Ultimate Bet scandal …. Hey dude, do you remember you supported things that turned out to be scandals also? Ultimatebet for example. — Daniel Cates �� � (@junglemandan) April 24, 2022 Jungleman’s finger-pointing was a response to the Poker Brat commenting on the recent cheating accusations and revelations aimed at several of poker’s biggest names – Ali Imsirovic , Jake Schindler and Bryn Kenney chief among them.

Hellmuth tweeted: “These guys have damaged poker. Their scandals will scare away millions of players (esp online players). Imagine that you’re a young player, and you look up to these guys, so you seek them out, only to find out that they are cheaters. So, you pursue another profession: sad!”

When pulled up about his comment – “Really stupid to equate such different things, but it is Twitter”, said one fan – Jungleman doubled down… I think misusing people’s trust (including fans) for profit will not taking any of the downside when things go badly is pretty fucking bad actually! — Daniel Cates �� � (@junglemandan) April 24, 2022 If you are new to poker, or have a bad memory, Ultimate Bet was embroiled in a superuser cheating scandal in the early-mid noughties.

Players lost $multi-millions as Russ Hamilton used and handed out God-mode access that allowed cheats to view their opponent’s hole cards.

In poker, things don’t get any worse than someone knowing exactly what you have, and a similar cheating scandal was blown open on UB’s sister site, Absolute Poker.

However, Hellmuth – an Ultimate Bet sponsored pro at the time – claims he was the man who effectively launched the investigation, which came as news to many in the industry… Here’s @phil_hellmuth claiming he is the person responsible for the full-disclosure of cheating back at UltimateBet days … https://t.co/qv64k1fA3U — Hold’em Media (@HoldemMedia) April 24, 2022 Hellmuth also tweeted out: “Let’s not forget, in the midst of all […]

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