Did you know that this former Juventus player is also a poker star? – Agora Poker

Did you know that this former Juventus player is also a poker star?

Did you know that this former Juventus player is also a poker star?

Did Cristiano Ronaldo put sparkles in your eyes when he played for Juventus? His skills with the ball are outstanding, but football isn’t the only thing he is good at…

Relive Ronaldo’s best moments at Juventus and discover his career as a poker star. After reading this article, you will certainly want to try poker too, join an online casino for classic or live poker games. If you like football, you’ll definitely love poker, just like CR7!

Ronaldo made Juventus history

Remember those great moments of CR at Juventus like his solitary Remontada against Atletico Madrid in his first year in Italy. He saved his team from elimination with a three-goal haul and qualified Juventus for the next round. Or when he flew into the air in the match against Sampdoria: from a cross on the left, the Portuguese rose 2.56 metres high kick the ball with his head to make his team victorious… Ronaldo’s last memory at Juventus: the splendid flight against Manchester United on 7 November 2018 in the group stages of the Champions League. The Portuguese scored his first goal in the Champions League under his new colours with an instinctive and stunning flight from Bonucci’s crossbar from behind. This genius move was voted the best goal of the competition by UEFA’s technical observers. These amazing moments may make you nostalgic , even if Juventus is doing very well without Ronaldo

An extraordinary player

Often dubbed “one of the greatest players of all time”, Ronaldo has won 30 major trophies for his professional contributions. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo has two records – for the most goals and the most assists in UEFA Champions League history. However, in this article we will not talk about Ronaldo’s football achievements, but about his other career… in poker!

Ronaldo as a poker star

There is no doubt that poker and football require a high level of concentration and specific skills. Another similarity that can be noted is that both are games that involve strategy and very little is left to chance. Also, both poker and football have extensive rules that players […]

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