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Ex-PokerStars Executive Buys Poker.org and Launches Media

Ex-PokerStars Executive Buys Poker.org and Launches Media

In Summary: PokerStars former exec Erik Hollreiser launches a new media

The executive also buys Poker.org in a bid to create a global poker portal

Hollreiser brings in like-minded and fearless poker specialists to help him build the project

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Ex-PokerStars executive Erick Hollreiser has acquired a poker news website and is moving to launch Triple Barrel Media Limited, a company that seeks to give “a new voice” to poker journalism by bringing more insight, coverage, and analysis of the industry. This happens as PokerStars has just obtained a third license to launch its online card room in Ontario, Canada earlier this week. Creating a Fearless New Media for Poker Fans

Hollreiser issued a statement detailing his venture’s plans and what he seeks to achieve in the future. First of all, Poker.org, the website he acquired, will undergo a profound change and rebranding as it seeks to appeal to a broader public and bring more people in.

Ultimately, the website will seek to appeal to those true poker aficionados on the market out there who have a true passion for the game. Writing in a statement published on the website, Hollreiser shared some of his thoughts and role in the project: Poker.Org is now owned and operated by Triple Barrel Media Limited. I am the Founder and CEO of Triple Barrel Media, and I spent a decade on the executive management team of PokerStars during many of its glory days. Ex-PokerStars executive Erick Hollreiser A big motivator for Hollreiser has been the fact that the executive realizes how big the global player base for poker is but how underserved it remains. With some 100 million players worldwide, what the community needs is a modern media company and website that can provide an “authentic platform for the voice” of those players.

Hollreiser has clearly pulled strings and his contacts to make sure that his new undertaking will rely on the expertise of proven specialists in the iGaming and poker industries. Chris Herd, a branding expert, is joining Triple Barrel Media’s creative director.

Content will play a crucial role […]

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