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Between Two Beers podcast: How Chris Moorman won $42 million playing poker

Between Two Beers podcast: How Chris Moorman won $42 million playing poker

Chris Moorman is one of the most successful poker players of all time.

He has won over $42 million dollars playing cards and is widely considered to be the best online tournament player ever ($32 million in winnings), but he’s also crossed over successfully into live tournaments – winning over $1 million on three separate occasions (and $10 million total).

At one point, Moorman was also one of the biggest ‘backers’ in the online poker scene, and tells the incredible story of how some amateur money-management and sloppy decision-making cost him around $3 million.

Chris is a poker legend; driven, humble, insightful and a great storyteller. We hear all his best stories from his 15 years as a poker pro, the mental-skills coach that helped him to his first big live win, the time he lost a backpack with $60,000 in it, playing against his wife for $20,000, the most degenerate gambling stories he’s heard across 15 years as a poker pro, the work ethic needed to become the best in the world and so much more. Show notes | Episode 90 | Chris Moorman

2.01 Drama at the World Series of Poker

4.50 Putting some context on Chris Moorman the poker player

7.31 When Steven and Moorman lived in the same poker house in Papamoa and Queenstown

12.29 Reflecting on the early years

18.05 Horses, stables, and staking players26.10 Horses going into makeup, writing off debt, and big swings33.07 Shaun Goldsbury on Moorman losing a backpack with $60,000 cash and poker chips in it45.20 Transitioning from online poker to live tournaments55.06 Bringing on a mental skills coach and the immediate improvement it had1.04.29 Black Friday and the impact on online poker1.07.51 A short selection of poker stories from over the years1.11.41 Lessons from some of the best players in history1.18.53 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MoormanBetween Two Beers is part of the Alternative Commentary Collective – NZ’s Home for Sports Entertainment. Check out more podcasts, events, details on live commentaries and sports watch alongs here.

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