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How Does Poker Change When Played as a Free Game?

How Does Poker Change When Played as a Free Game?

There’s no shortage of advice on how to excel at poker. Seasoned players and newcomers alike often start with basic tips from top pros, whether looking back at Doyle Brunson’s biggest moves or taking that Masterclass from Daniel Negreanu.

But there’s one element of online poker that might be a bit more difficult to navigate: knowing when to opt for free games and when to play for real money. Obviously, the most basic different between free and real money games is bankroll management. Those playing free games won’t need to guard their stack quite as much.

Though not a shocking piece of information for even the greenest poker players, there are a few important elements at play during free and real money games. Before diving in to a brand new platform, keep this basic tips in mind regarding poker strategy and free games. A Shift in Opponents

As mentioned above, managing bankroll is the primary difference between free and real money games. But keep in mind that it’s not only your strategy that will change, but also your opponents. Dealing with unknown variables is at the heart of poker. Generally speaking, those unknowns become more extreme in real money games.

This typically involves more bluffing and at higher stakes, as well as tactical strategies that will target certain players sat at a specific seat. In other words, players will ‘show their true colors’ in a game where everyone is literally more invested. A New Tactical Perspective

A real money game is a great opportunity to see just how durable and effective a certain strategy is—but a free game is the ideal place to try new approaches. The same goes for trying a new poker variant, like Caribbean Stud or Omaha.

Free games are also the prime learning ground for new players. Most poker platforms provide guides and smaller-scale tournaments for beginners. Real money tournaments are larger and more frequent, but free games are a great way to build out a new tactical approach—especially tactics for new poker variants. A Question of Benefits

Players who stick to free games will be missing out on […]

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