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How To Play Five Card Draw

How To Play Five Card Draw

While most of the modern day poker action takes place at a Texas Hold ‘Em table, 5 card draw poker is the granddaddy of them all, as draw poker was the first poker game to gain widespread popularity across the globe.

We have all seen those old western movies where cowboys are bellied up to a poker table in a smoky saloon, and you can bet that those games were all five card draw poker! And while the heyday of five card draw poker is long gone, the game is having a bit of resurgence recently, as players are starting to appreciate all the nuances that made the game so popular in the first place!

There are several variations of five card draw poker including high only, Kansas City lowball, drawmaha, and 2-7, amongst many others. These games can be played single or triple draw and it seems like every day we see a new variation of draw poker emerge.

And while each version of five card draw is a little different, draw poker is draw poker, and there are several tips that are going to immediately improve your game, no matter which version you might be playing.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to play five card draw poker by providing our top four tips! That way, if you do find yourself at a five card draw table, you will be able to hold your own, and maybe even a little bit of theirs, right away! With that, let’s jump right into how to play 5 card draw, with our first tip! Wait To Check Your Hole Cards

More than any other game, five card draw is all about reading the other players at the table. Unlike games like Texas Hold ‘Em or 7 Card Stud, where you can see parts of other player’s hands, in five card draw, all you can see are the whites of their eyes!

You must use all of your hand and people reading skills effectively when you are playing 5 card draw, and one great way to achieve this is by not […]

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