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Imsirovic Cheating Allegations Spark Discussion Among Poker Community

Imsirovic Cheating Allegations Spark Discussion Among Poker Community

Ali Imisirovic has been cleaning up lately, having won events at the PokerGO Cup, Wynn Millions series and Venetian series since the start of the year. However, he won’t be riding that high for much longer as he is forced to defend himself against recent cheating allegations from Alex Foxen.

So, what exactly has Foxen accused Imisirovic of and are his claims founded? We’ll have a look at what allegations have been made and how one tweet has sparked some very serious debates about cheating among high roller poker players. Foxen’s Cheating Claims Against Imsirovic

It all started a few days ago with a tweet: Poker black-list can’t come soon enough.
Ali is banned from GG for Multi-accounting and RTA. I have witnessed numerous chip dumps to horses, and many suspicious changes in play from people known to be his horses when deep in online MTTs. — Alex Foxen (@WAFoxen) April 18, 2022 He then followed up with a thread detailing an instance where Imsirovic had peeked at another player’s cards during a PokerGO broadcast . Foxen conducted a simulation of Ali’s line, hoping to prove that there is no way he would have check-raised in that hand if he hadn’t seen his competitor’s hole cards. Then, the next day (assuming he had seen criticism what the online community was saying about him), he showed up to the table wearing sunglasses. Get $2,000 at Americas Cardroom Imsirovic’s Play Compared to Mike Postle

While Imsirovic could have genuinely run a “sick line”, the claim from Foxen has caused other stories to resurface about the player’s suspicious pas t . In November 2021, it was also rumored that he was one of several players banned from the GGPoker network for using Real Time Assistance software.

Other commenters noted that Imsirovic commonly makes “Postle-esque” decisions. For those of you who haven’t heard of Mike Postle, he’s the player that was found to have been cheating during live stream poker games in a huge scandal that dominated headlines last year. His case was blown wide open by a commentator who noticed suspicious gameplay from him.

Postle’s […]

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