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James Woods ($12,000)

James Woods ($12,000)

Of all the hobbies and other ways to pass the time that Hollywood’s elite tent to partake, none are seemingly more prominent than the game of poker. Indeed, celebrity poker tournaments have given us an opportunity to see our favorite stars in more of a grounded light. Taking part in an activity that the non-famous also enjoy, while giving viewers a chance to see just how skilled these celebrities are at the famous card game.

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When it comes to the art and skill involved in poker, many celebrities have seemingly mastered the game. So much so that the jackpots taken home by some of these stars have been massive. With that being said, let’s take a look at the most massive pots won by the stars. Let’s do this thing. James Woods ($12,000)

James Woods, star of The Onion Field, Videodrome, and John Carpenter’s Vampires also happens to fancy a nice game of poker every now and then. Woods has shown off his impressive poker skills often, winning a pot of $12,000 in the past. Not the most impressive jackpot on the list, but respectable all the same. Ray Romano ($27,397)

The star of Everybody Loves Raymond brings more to the table than simply being hilarious. Ray Romano transitioned from stand up to sitcom star and became the highest-paid TV actor at one point. Furthermore, Romano is a skilled poker player, winning a pot of $27,397 in a single game. Kevin Hart ($20,265)

Probably the most famous and definitely the wealthiest of the modern-day super comedians , Kevin Hart has been the star of both stage and screen for more than 20 years. Hart is also a skilled poker player, earning a pot of $20,265. While Hart certainly isn’t short on money, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little more to the pot. Shannon Elizabeth ($125,000)

Who can forget the coming-of-age raunchy comedy epic that was the American Pie franchise? The series of films spawned many stars such as Jason Biggs and, of course, Shannon Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s poker skills have […]

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