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Exclusive Interview: Making the Live Felt a Bit Greener: Poker Against Plastic Pollution

Exclusive Interview: Making the Live Felt a Bit Greener: Poker Against Plastic Pollution

888poker is the first online poker operator to join the quest to eliminate single-use plastic at the live poker tables. The key aspect for the initiatives to be successful is collaboration. It’s the rare occasion where businesses work together and, in doing so, have a positive effect on the environment.

888poker has partnered with ECOSEC — a company that designs and supplies security tamper evident bags for multiple industries — to help reduce plastic waste at the poker tables.

ECOSEC is offering poker operators the opportunity to replace zip lock poker chip bags with its biodegradable alternative, under its Poker Against Plastic Pollution campaign. The campaign is an idea that was spawned from ECOSEC CEO, Karim Louis noticing that chip bags at live poker stops were too big for their purpose and that there was a huge amount of wastage involved.

“Some poker rooms were using bags provided by banks to transport coins, which is a waste of plastic and, hence, a waste of energy in the manufacturing process,” Louis told pokerfuse . “Some had no recycling information, which means that, in some countries, they cannot be recycled and would be incinerated or end up in landfills. Each time I was handed a bag similar to the one we supply, I couldn’t help but wonder how I could use my organization to reach out globally and supply a biodegradable bag that sent a message across the industry of the importance of environmental awareness.”

Louis went on to outline the four main principles that underpin the Poker Against Plastic Pollution campaign:

> Reduce plastic pollution

Reduce energy within manufacturing

Drive environmental awareness

Plant trees 888poker is the first operator to partner with the campaign , offering biodegradable poker chip bags from ECOSEC at all 888poker LIVE events from Barcelona in May 2022 and beyond. The introduction of these biodegradable bags will help 888poker achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 — as outlined in the company’s 2021 Carbon Report. In the Carbon Report, 888 discloses that, in 2021, 888 was directly responsible for 3,089 tons of greenhouse gas emissions with a larger indirect footprint of […]

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