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Pros and Cons of Multi-Tabling Cash Games

Pros and Cons of Multi-Tabling Cash Games

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Top Tips for Multi-Tabling

Pro: Potential to Increase Your Winnings

Pro: Variance Isn’t as Damaging

Pro: Save on Time

Con: Experience More Bad Beats and Coolers

Con: Cannot read your opponents

Must Have Rooms

Multi-tabling online poker cash games is nothing new but is it something you have ever done? There are plenty of benefits to playing more than one table at a time. However, there are also a few pot-holes you need to weary of before playing, which are explained in the article.Two of the most well-known multi-tablers are Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Randy “Nanonoko” Lew , who both hold Guinness World Records for multi-tabling. The former holds the record for most online poker tables played in one hour while the latter recorded the most hands played in an eight-hour session .Grospellier was able to compete in 62 Sit-n-Go’s in 60 minutes and finished with a profit while Lew recorded 23,493 hands playing from 25-40 tables at a time. Lew also finished in the green, notching a profit of $7.65 upon completion. Top Tips for Multi-Tabling Before you channel your inner Elky or Nananoko, be sure to use these helpful tips to make your transition to multi-tabling online poker cash games that bit easier. > Use a Four-Color Deck Use Hotkeys Use the Notes Feature Tile Your Tables, Do Not Stack Always Sit in the Same Position Cash Live Pro: Potential to Increase Your Winnings Winning poker players maximize their earnings by multi-tabling. In online poker, a player usually sees around 60 hands per hour. If that person is competent at playing at five tables, they’re seeing 300 hands an hour instead.As multi-tablers are playing more hands per hour, and as long as they are a profitable player, they have a higher earning potential than a winning player who only plays at one table at time. Best Free to Play Slots BUFFALO BLITZ II THE LAST EMPRESS DANCING GOLD EPIC APE Pro: Variance Isn’t as Damaging Variance in poker can sometimes cause people to lose their minds. […]

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