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Ranking the 8 Most Memorable Tilts in Poker History

Ranking the 8 Most Memorable Tilts in Poker History

Everybody’s been there—that moment when a bad beat or a failure to fold brings us to a bad moment, and the game of poker becomes an angry cage match between our anger and sense of betrayal vs. an uncaring world.

And surprisingly, poker tilts happen to the best of us. All of the people featured below are world-class poker players. As you watch the various video clips, you’ll discover that even they—Olympians of the poker world—are susceptible to making mistakes.

They sometimes even let anger control their decisions. But that doesn’t make them bad poker players .

While the poker pros inspire our awe and admiration, it’s comforting to know that even they are capable of some of the worst poker tilts of all time.

They’d still kick our butts at the three-table local poker room tourney. Maybe if we caught them at an online poker room. Let’s move onto our list of most memorable tilts in poker history. 8. Tony G vs. Phil Helmuth, et al (Premier Poker League IV)

Antanas Guoga—better known in the poker world as Tony G—was a member of the Lithuanian parliament, until he announced his resignation on Twitter. Still, until 2014, he was a professional poker player with over $4 million in live tournament winnings.

As you’ll see as you move on down the list, he’s no stranger to tilt.

In this video, Tony G faces a gauntlet of pros, including Phil Helmuth and Roland De Wolfe; he first taunts Phil Helmuth while wearing a Kermit the Frog mask, then goes all-in with a pocket pair of sixes. Helmuth, with pocket fives, folds. On the second hand, Helmuth and Toy G are again heads-up before the flop—Helmuth with A9o and Tony G with T-9o. The flop comes 7s-Tc-Ks. With a pair of tens, Tony G leads with a bet of $34k, and after a moment, Helmuth folds.

At this point, one of the referees attempts to get Tony G to stop taunting Helmuth.On the third hand, Tony G goes all-in preflop with pocket sevens. Heads-up opponent Roland De Wolfe calls the all-in with A-rags. The flop is 5-5-Q. The turn, […]

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