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This Week in Poker Podcasts

This Week in Poker Podcasts

iStockPhoto Can The Hippy Bluff The Billionaire?

Lucky Chewy and Cary Katz couldn’t live more different lives. So which lifestyle is better? Hippy or billionaire? The outcome of this hand reveals the answer.

Really, though, it’s a fascinating and strangely played hand. Scroll down to see when the poker analysis begins. FLOP:2c4c8c TURN:6d RIVER: Jh Chewy:KdQd Katz:AsQs

Analysis begins at 20:55 The Mark Hoke Show #48 – Secret Identities, Falling Giants, Moving Out ROH & Youths Rising

It’s a special Easter Sunday edition of The Mark Hoke Show! Mark Hoke, Andrew “Fish” Fain and Joe DeFalco cover it all in the week that was in pro wrestling. The guys discuss the Vince McMahon name edict, the role of giants in wrestling, the Ring of Honor/AEW splitting quandary, the proper way to bring up young wrestlers in WWE and AEW, repackaging wrestlers with new gimmicks and health problems for Virgil. Thanks for listening! Poker Fraud Alert Radio – 04/14/2022 – Substantial Penalty for Early Withdrawal

Topic begins at (0:17:30) mark: ACR Withdrawal Theft Scandal heats up after Druff publicly presses the issue on PFA & social media…. (1:37:26): All American Dave closes down due to WSOP decision, can’t/won’t refund customer balances held from last year…. (2:24:06): Fillippos Liakounakos caught scamming again — this time he’s in jail, and his victim history involves several poker players with past scandals of their own…. (2:51:39): Big fight brewing between Fremont Street Experience “street performers” and city of Las Vegas…. (3:27:59): April 15, 2022 – How soft is the Millionaire Maker?

Clayton answers a tweet from a podcast subscriber concerning the WSOP Millionaire Maker and the type of field it attracts. Then he dives into two WSOP Main Event hands, including one played on PokerGO featuring Phil Hellmuth.Visit Ep 369 – Forums: Live Reads (Taylor)

This week, Jim Reid leads the panel through a forum post by Taylor Maas about a situation where a live read might become relevant. While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel discusses when live reds and tells are most […]

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