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Top 3 Online Poker Games to Play in 2018

Top 3 Online Poker Games to Play in 2018

Poker is one of those classics that’s always likely to stay popular with both experienced and amateur gamblers thanks to its perfect mix of skill, luck and personality. The huge potential wins probably help as well. While you can certainly win big at online poker and even forge a career out of it if you’re good enough, it’s a thrilling and satisfying game to play regardless of whether there’s money involved.

Having said that, there’s more than one type of game and finding one you like (or one that isn’t too complicated if you’re just starting out) can be a little bit intimidating. Don’t worry though: whether you’re just dipping your feet into the world of online poker or are already familiar with a few types of the game but are looking for something new, here’s a rundown of the best poker games to play in 2018. 3. Stud

7 card Stud is actually one of the most traditional forms of poker there is and it has surged in popularity in recent years too. There are quite a few variations on the rules, so it will depend which particular online casino you play at, but the basics are as follows: How to Play

Each player is dealt three cards, with two face up. This is also known as Third Street.

The first round of betting starts, usually with the player who has the lowest upcard.

After the first round of betting, all players are dealt another round of face-up cards (also called Fourth Street).

A second round of betting starts. If any players have a pair in their face-up cards, then betting at multiples is allowed, at the highest or lowest stake of the table.

There are two more rounds of cards single face-up cards dealt, followed by another round of betting (Fifth and Sixth Street).

The final round called the River starts and players are given one final face-down card. Next is the Showdown, where all players reveal their cards, with the best five-card hand taking the pot. 2. Open Faced Chinese Poker It’s a little less common than […]

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