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Twitter Row Erupts After Bryn Kenney Offers Free $10k WSOP Main Event Seat

Twitter Row Erupts After Bryn Kenney Offers Free $10k WSOP Main Event Seat

Alleged poker cheat Bryn Kenney has been accused of trying to buy his way to a cleaner public image by offering up a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat in an online giveaway, a huge row erupting on Twitter over the offer … (1/2) There will always be people that’ll find something negative about anything. I think it’s a great thing that @BrynKenney is adding a @WSOP Main Event seat to the giveaway, regardless of what he might have or have not done in the past. This extra — Nadya Magnus (@NadyaKGB) May 13, 2022 That tweet by Nadya Magnus , a Florida-based, Russian-born pro who funds seats for women in various high-profile poker events, sparked a backlash by those who are still reeling from the Kenney ghosting and multi-accounting scandal of the past few weeks.

Matt Berkey was one of those who found the idea of Kenney funding a giveaway in poor taste, a cheap way for the all-time tournament money winner to gloss over his alleged illicit online poker activities… I could get behind this messaging if Bryn had been left anonymous. But as it stands this is a cheap method of him using your platform to repair his image. Think of the seat winner and the potential moral quandary they stand to face if they are aware of how the money was sourced — Matt Berkey (@berkey11) May 13, 2022 Kenney, who initially denied all the allegations made against him by his former “horse”, Martin Zamani, later admitted to possible occasional wrongdoing. He wasn’t best pleased with the way the Twitter debate was going… Somehow my image with everyone at the highest stakes of people who have been around for a long time is not affected. Many cheating allegations but no truth to any cheating or proof. A few possible ghosting in a 15 year career, when I look in the mirror I’m happy with who I am — Bryn Kenney (@BrynKenney) May 13, 2022 The row erupted after Kenney offered to add a second seat to Magnus’ WSOP giveaway, her largesse designed to raise the profile […]

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