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Vegas During Covid "Like Disneyland When It's Shut" says 888poker Ambassador Abernathy

Vegas During Covid "Like Disneyland When It's Shut" says 888poker Ambassador Abernathy

Samanthna Abernathy The pictures of Las Vegas, with casinos boarded up and the Vegas Strip deserted were some of the most jarring of the pandemic, especially for poker players and fans. The pictures were in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Sin City that poker players and fans picture when they think of the city.

One of 888poker’s latest ambassadors Sam Abernathy got to experience the effects on Las Vegas first-hand, and earlier this year sat down with PokerNews at an 888poker LIVE London event, talking about Las Vegas and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the most famous poker destination in the world. A Vegas Pandemic

Abernathy is one of the newest 888poker Ambassadors, joining in September 2021 as the green shoots of live poker were beginning to emerge from a pandemic that saw cancellations and postponements, widespread upheaval to the live and online poker scene and severely impacted an entire industry.

Abernathy says although she’s now back traveling the world, part of her still holds Las Vegas in a very special place.

“All in all, I lived there for nine years,” she told PokerNews. “Most of that time I was travelling a lot, but I always came back to Vegas. I had a home there.

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“Now I’m on the road. So like, I don’t know, do I consider it home? It’s the longest I’ve ever been in one place? But I’m happy that live poker is back. Being in Vegas for two years during COVID was like ‘Get me out of here!’”

Best Free to Play Slots WINNER & MOVIE ADVENTURE TRAIL BOOTLEG BUCKS For Abernathy, the pandemic lay to bare the quietness and mundanity of a city without the crowds of patrons, attractions and nightlife.

“It was weird. I mean, I’m sure it was weird everywhere in the world. I’d never been in Vegas for two years without going anywhere, so I think I was tired of it.”They boarded up all the casinos. The big activity for us was riding bicycles down the strip. Everybody did that. […]

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