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What is Ghosting? Multi-Accounting? Collusion? Online Poker Cheating Explained

What is Ghosting? Multi-Accounting? Collusion? Online Poker Cheating Explained

Online Poker Cheating In the world of online poker , there are many different types of poker cheating. Online poker rooms have invested incredible amounts of money to stop poker players from cheating, whether that’s in cash games or online poker tournaments.

Cheating can be defined as gaining an unfair advantage at the table , and there are various ways that a poker player might look to cheat. Here we look at ways players could cheat on poker sites, and explain some of the common poker terms that may be used. Ghosting

One type of cheating that is unique to online is ghosting. No, this isn’t where your Tinder date doesn’t respond to you.

Ghosting refers to when another poker player takes over playing in a tournament, usually when the tournament is down to a final table, or in a satellite approaching the bubble.

This player is usually one that is better or more skilled at the game. This form of cheating can also refer to having another player coach you through certain spots. Other players at the table will not know that you are using another poker player to assist you in certain spots while playing in the same tournament as you.

This type of cheating is also not restricted to tournaments or satellites. High-stakes cash games might also see players “ghost” on different accounts while at the poker table, so that players may think it is one person when another player is the one actually playing and making the decisions for them. In 2020, Bill Perkins shared news of a poker scandal that eventually implicated Dan “Jungleman” Cates . Cates was accused of ghosting while playing high-stakes cash games, and ultimately apologized. However, he did state that it was his understanding that the game was “rampant” with professionals who were ghosting.

He went on: “I thought since many on the site were using pros to play for them […] at the time it felt acceptable for me to be playing.” Multi-Accounting

Most online poker sites have it in their rules and regulations that players on the site can only have one account. […]

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