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Where Can You Use Poker HUDs Online—and Should You?

Where Can You Use Poker HUDs Online—and Should You?

Online poker heads-up displays (HUDs) have been a major component in the virtual toolboxes of most serious top online poker sites for players since the turn of the 21 st century. Oddly, though, few players outside the pro level are aware of them, and fewer still use one.

For the uninitiated: Poker HUDs are programs that run on your PC that do two things: They build a database of the various online poker players and their play during each hand, then develop statistics based on those actions and display them on-screen, usually next to each player.

The information the HUDs are presenting is not top secret-burn-before-reading stuff—it is all derived from the hand histories most poker sites send to their players.

But poker HUDs have become something of a boogieman to many players, many of whom claim that players who use HUDs (usually professional poker players) have an unfair advantage over those who do not (typically recreational poker players). The Truth About HUDs

Online poker is a billion-dollar industry driven by hundreds of thousands of poker players, many of whom play for hours a day, grinding away at multiple tables to earn their daily bread.

These are not recreational players – they’re pro-level poker players who pay their bills through determined and skilled online poker play.

And they’re not each settled into a single “chair” in the virtual poker room. No. These pros have ten or more tables open on the screen—and they need something to help them make solid but quick decisions at each table.

They need to know when to hold’em. They need to know when to fold’em. And since most of them don’t have Kenny Rogers on speed-dial, their only recourse is to find a program that can assist them in evaluating the proper actions in every step of the game.

Enter the poker HUD.Heads-up displays have been a part of the online poker experience for over two decades. And where there were only two or three innovators back then, there are now dozens of competitors in the poker HUD market.If there weren’t a market for poker HUDs, there wouldn’t be so much […]

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